Why Scorpio is the best brand of extreme bikes ?

Because Scorpio’s precise fork is our soul, the frame is our pride.

If You are passionate about extreme bikes, Scorpio is definitely the first choice.
If You are a marketing manager looking for a competitive product, Scorpio is perfectly suited.

. We insist on the sustainability of each product.
. We value the quality and quantity of each product.
. We listen to the needs of each rider.
. We meet the convenience of online shopping
From Design to producution, ” ALL IN ONE “ production is our feature.

Our strengths

Since 2003, in the professional extreme bike business field, it has been our pleasure to work with the famous brands in the world and to participate from design, development and manufacturing to satisfy the market’s demands. With over 15 years’ experience, devoted to the advantage of design/ development and mature technology, we have established “ Scorpio” which is based in Taiwan. Our goal is to pursue the goal to lead high quality extreme bikes for all of the world.


Accumulate over 15 years experience, to know well about marketing changes, continue researching and innovation, combine the art of human mechanics, break through the limits and surpass itself.


we are willing to listen to your ideas, rely on your needs, and create a unique competitive weapon for you.


We are good at implementing the ideal design concept as a quality product.


Located in central Taiwan, with a complete product chain, 100% self-manufactured, able to effectively control the process, ensure stable quality.

Enjoy brings the best of the store
through your door.

. Discover the products and experiences we bring to you.

Our Team

Our team loves to share, each of our brilliant events and outstanding value.

Marti Aran Calonja

  • 18 years old
  • 20” Elite Trial Bike Rider
  • Nationality: Spain

Chief Design

Brand designer – Frank Hsu who combines design, development and production.

  • Enlightened from British bicycle designers
  • Inheriting the art of extreme bicycles
  • Only non-stop research and innovation can last forever

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