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The design of fork which is like a strong and powerful forelimb of the Leopard, combines the power and makes the transition between the climbing and jumping, smooth and unobstructed !


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you deserve the best

As a founder and producer of the brand,
listening to the voices from the world’s top riders is one of the core values of the brand.
We always devote our best.

King of the speed

Dark Knight & Knight

Inspired by the beautiful curves of the Leopard, combined with the mechanics and high-quality aluminum alloy characteristics, it accumulates inner strength in the usual, brings out agile and calming jumping force in competitions, which causes the riders ride in every ride, in each game, constantly breaking through the limits, surpassing self.


How do we do that?

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Adhering to innovation, adhering to the best, understanding and satisfying the needs of the riders is the most important thing. By interacting with each other, we help the riders fulfill their dreams and deliver the value of the brand on the stage of the world competitions.


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Every Scorpio’s design is the result of strict testing by the riders, achieving a perfect balance between quality structure and ergonomic art..



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